• Why Water?

    Why Water? - CatSpring Yaupon
    Our bodies are about 60% water.  Each day, we lose about 2-3 liters of that water.  That’s why we need to drink water all day long, though at times it feels impossible to reach the magical number of cups we’re told we need.  The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine advise men to drink about 15.5 cups of water and women about 11.5 cups daily. With the plethora of drink options available, it can...
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  • Why Do We Need Sleep (and how do we get it)?

    Why Do We Need Sleep (and how do we get it)? - CatSpring Yaupon
    Sleep is an essential component of a well-rounded wellness routine.  In all, we’ll spend about a third of our lives asleep. During this time, our brain is hard at work though our bodies are at rest.  The brain clears out debris that has built up during the day, prunes cells to maintain a stable volume, and rehearses new ideas that were picked up while awake.  These processes are critical to our health and our mental...
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  • Curate a Moment: 3 Reasons to Slow Down

    Curate a Moment: 3 Reasons to Slow Down - CatSpring Yaupon
    At CatSpring Yaupon, we encourage you to curate a moment.  But things get in the way. There’s the endless to-do lists, the temptation of apps, the urgency of texts and emails, and the constant hum of information all around us.  This brings on decision fatigue. We’ve all been there. End of a long day, your head feels heavy and slow, and everything requires just a little more effort than it should.  How and why does...
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  • Reclaim Your Day From Stress

    Reclaim Your Day From Stress - CatSpring Yaupon
    In some ways, we need stress.  It’s our body’s fight or flight response.  When we encounter threats, stress kicks our body into high gear with more adrenaline, oxygen, and glucose sent to cells.  This puts our body in top shape to face the danger. Chronic stress is an issue.  All those hormones and chemicals continue to circulate and wear down your body.  This leads to issues including muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating,...
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