Cat Spring, TX

Cat Spring Is a Place?

1834: a German settler kills a cougar near a spring in the Texas hill country, and the town of Cat Spring, Texas is born… so says the local legend!
With deep German ties, it becomes the site of the first Agricultural Society in Texas -- a community hub to share farming knowledge as settlers banded together for support in their new land. You’ll find these old-time white octagonal buildings scattered throughout the state.
Today, the Cat Spring Ag Hall hosts antique festivals, wedding parties (including Abianne’s), and agricultural meetings.
And don’t miss the Cat Spring Country Club, famous for its burgers and weekly fish fry, or Crossroads Tavern, at the heart of our community.
Both eateries are down the road from Cat Spring’s modern "downtown.” That’s because the railroad prompted the post office, blacksmith, and the majority of the businesses to move closer to the tracks.
Speaking of our post office… isn’t it quaint?