• Vegan Yaupon Pumpkin Pancakes

    Vegan Yaupon Pumpkin Pancakes - CatSpring Yaupon
    Enjoy the flavor of the season—pumpkin spice— paired with our delicious yaupon to have one of a kind pancakes! Top with your favorite toppings to make every plate uniquely your own. Makes 2 servings // Total time: 15 minutes // Active time: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 3/4 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk 1 tsp loose leaf or 1 pouch of Lost Maples yaupon 1 tbsp vegan butter, melted (or grape seed oil or coconut oil) 1/3 cup...
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  • Cardamon Rose Tea Latte

    Cardamon Rose Tea Latte - CatSpring Yaupon
    We love sharing our favorite yaupon recipes with our customers to add to their wellness routine. This month's recipe was inspired by all things cozy & comforting for fall. Check out our Cardamon rose tea latte recipe & let us know your thoughts!  Recipe: 1 tsp cardamon pods lightly crushed 2 tablespoons dried rose petals 2 teaspoons Marfa CatSpring Yaupon Splash of Nut Milk Instruction: Steep loose tea with cardamon pods & rose petals for...
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  • Turmeric Yaupon Tonic

    Turmeric Yaupon Tonic - CatSpring Yaupon
    CatSpring Yaupon is the perfect way to begin your day feeling calm, centered, and focused. The antioxidant boost, caffeine benefits, and polyphenols found in Yaupon help to turn on your brain and create a stable energy boost to keep you feeling centered and motivated throughout the day.  So, to help you start your day off on the right note, we wanted to share our delicious recipe for a Tumeric Yaupon Tonic. We recommend you take a few...
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  • CatSpring Yaupon Smoothie

    CatSpring Yaupon Smoothie - CatSpring Yaupon
    One morning, we woke up unable to choose between a beloved cup of CatSpring Yaupon & an equally nutritious smoothie.  If you’ve ever been in the same situation, we know your struggle. It’s a real one. Well, fret not - because on that same morning, inspiration struck & we created the CatSpring Yaupon Smoothie. Now you can have your fruit & theobromine energy, too. 1 cup CatSpring Yaupon Tea // we steeped up Pedernales 1...
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