• How to Steep Yaupon

    How to Steep Yaupon - CatSpring Yaupon
    Did you know you can steep yaupon multiple times? What does that mean? Steeping was integral to the discovery of tea. Tea is believed to have originated when the Chinese emperor Shen Nung noticed some leaves had fallen in a pot of boiling water. When he tasted the brew, he found it was a delicious, aromatic drink. We continue this tradition of allowing tea leaves to soak in hot water, steeping, through today. When making yaupon, it's possible to...
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  • Benefits of Yaupon

    Benefits of Yaupon - CatSpring Yaupon
    We’re already convinced it’s delicious and refreshing. But did you know that yaupon tea is so much more than a warm mug on a windy day, or a soothing iced refresher after you’ve crushed your workout goals? We’re at the very beginning of understanding all the healthy benefits of yaupon. And we’re already excited about them: YAUPON PROMOTES A GORGEOUS SMILE. Yaupon contains theobromine. It’s also found in chocolate and it makes you feel happy....
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  • How to Prepare Yaupon

    Curious about how to steep yaupon? Our founder, Abianne, shares the methods of preparing Yaupon. The good news is that yaupon is a versatile beverage that you can prepare a number of ways to suit your taste! On a busy day, keep a pitcher chilling in the fridge to refresh your cup as you conquer that to do list. On a laid back day, add hot water throughout the day for a delicious cup as...
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  • 5 Reasons to Try CatSpring Yaupon

    5 Reasons to Try CatSpring Yaupon - CatSpring Yaupon
    CatSpring Yaupon is not your average caffeinated drink. So, what makes CatSpring Yaupon so great? For starters, Yaupon is the only naturally caffeinated indigenous plant in North America, and was brewed for centuries by Native Americans. When the Spanish arrived in North America, they even exported this indigenous plant, but the English didn't want anything to disrupt the power of the tea trade, so they downplayed this native resource. Now, Yaupon is making a comeback. We partnered...
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