Who We Are


Hi, I’m Abianne. I started CatSpring Yaupon a decade ago. Since then, we’ve grown into a robust, woman-led company that cares about our land and our people.
In 2011, a historical drought swept through Texas. On our family ranch in Cat Spring, TX, we were losing everything from 100 year-old oak trees to hay. But the yaupon, typically considered a pesky weed, was thriving. As one local rancher said, “I’m glad it’s ‘yo-pawn’ and not ‘my-pawn’ so it’s not my problem.”
We discovered this naturally caffeinated native American plant had been consumed as a tea for millennia. How had something so special been forgotten? We’ve worked hard to make sure that all of our practices are sustainable so you can enjoy it in its natural splendor. After years of hard work and interest from all over the world, we’re glad we made the effort!
For us, sustainability is about more than the land: it’s about community, too. We understand the value of people and the power that comes when we work together. Which is why we have been intentional in how we hire, following our People First employment practices.
Thanks for being curious with us,
Abianne & the CatSpring Crew