March 31, 2021

Benefits of Yaupon

By Abianne Falla
Benefits of Yaupon - CatSpring Yaupon

We’re already convinced it’s delicious and refreshing. But did you know that yaupon tea is so much more than a warm mug on a windy day, or a soothing iced refresher after you’ve crushed your workout goals? We’re at the very beginning of understanding all the healthy benefits of yaupon. And we’re already excited about them:

  1. YAUPON PROMOTES A GORGEOUS SMILE. Yaupon contains theobromine. It’s also found in chocolate and it makes you feel happy. Studies show it can also be good for your oral health and prevent oral infection.

  2. YAUPON IS PART OF YOUR CANCER-PREVENTION DIET. Yaupon has two key compounds that can help combat cancer: polyphenols and flavanoids. Both have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy cells and DNA. In fact, yaupon has more anitoxidants than blueberries!

  3. YAUPON REDUCES INFLAMMATION. Reducing inflammation is important. Several immune system chemicals released by inflammation can be harmful to healthy cells over time. Chronic inflammation may also contribute to cancer development. Rutin in yaupon reduces inflammation. And yaupon has almost 4 times the amount of rutin as its cousin plant guayusa.

  4. YAUPON GIVES YOU A NATURAL BOOST. Yaupon combines theobromine and natural caffeine. Theobromine gives you a mental boost. And yaupon's natural caffeine energizes over a longer period without the fast crash from synthetic caffeine.

  5. YAUPON CAN PROMOTE SMOOTH SKIN. Rutin promotes the production of collagen, a major component in skin. Collagen gives skin strength and flexibility. Healthy levels of collagen keep your skin plump and wrinkle-free.

  6. YAUPON MAY REDUCE RISK OF INFECTIONS. Antioxidants scavenge pesky free radicals from healthy body cells and reduce or prevent the risk of oxidation damage- preventing diseases and infections along the way.

  7. YAUPON CAN BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM & LOWER CHOLESTEROL. Another health-promoting component yaupon has in spades is saponins. These boost the immune system and decrease blood lipids, lower cancer risks, and lower blood glucose response.

Studies have found that close cousins of yaupon have antibacterial activity, cardiovascular protective activity, anti-obese activity, anti-diabetic activity, and neuroprotective activity… Wow! As we rediscover more about this forgotten American resource, it makes so much sense why Native Americans revered it and incorporated it into their daily routine- and some called it their beloved plant.

Harness the power of natural goodness: you can feel good about this soothing, refreshing drink any time of day.