May 10, 2019

7 Things I've Learned with Two Babies: CatSpring Yaupon and a Baby Girl

By Abianne Falla
7 Things I've Learned with Two Babies: CatSpring Yaupon and a Baby Girl - CatSpring Yaupon

Each day with a baby girl and a small business has brought new ideas. Here are seven lessons I’ve learned as a mompreneur. 


1.    Grow with the process. I used to think there were non-negotiable aspects of life such as sleep and a clean house. Boy, did this change with Isla. When my husband and I discussed all the shifts, we realized there was greater bandwidth than we thought to handle the changes. This open evaluation is integral to CatSpring Yaupon. We discuss processes because we’ve learned that sometimes we followed a routine because of a limit that no longer exists. 

2.    Every day is unique. Just because it looks a certain way today doesn’t mean it stays that way.  When Isla arrived, I was anxious when we had a rough day or I only had time to work for 30 minutes. I had to take a deep breath and remember that tomorrow could (and probably would) look different, and that this dynamic was all part of the process.

3.    It takes a village. I’ve always been a bit independent. I’ve been humbled yet empowered about my limitations since Isla has come. Whether I’m with Isla or I’m at work, I strive to be present. A strong support system enables this. I’ve relied on my CatSpring team more. I’ve also relied on my husband and mom. They love the time with Isla and family life is way better as a team sport. I now experience how rich both work and life can be when I involve others.


4.    Clean, natural energy is a must. I love yaupon tea and the boost it provides – that’s why I share it. But I have a new appreciation for this energy and realize how important a clean, mental boost can be. There’s a lot to manage with a business and a baby.  Yaupon tea allows me to approach these challenges with my very best throughout the day.

5.    The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I had no idea that the addition of another person to Adam’s and my relationship would increase the joy and love that we have. That sounds cheesy but it’s true. Isla has made our relationship richer.

6.    Be present. With a baby, you’re forced to be present, take it slow, and heed their cues. A friend once said that a baby is like special forces: “Slow is easy, and easy is slow.” The mornings I give her time to eat and chat before we get out of the house are the days that she does the best. It’s given me a new appreciation for our work at CatSpring Yaupon to help everyone curate a moment. Isla seems to understand the importance of moments better than I do.

7.    Something greater than myself. A baby helps you realize it’s not about you. I’m intentional in how I care for my body because I’m not the only one dependent on it. I’m mindful what I expose Isla to in cleaning supplies (shout out to Branch Basics for the solution), foods, and materials. The realization that she’ll inherit our planet has only reinforced the importance of sustainability in our production, sourcing, and how we build our business.  She hasn’t drastically changed any of my priorities but rather underscored their importance. 

For innumerable reasons, I’m grateful for what Isla teaches me. And there’s more to come!